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Are you looking to build your network and connect with people with similar interests? The Juice Plus Virtual Office is the place for you. With monthly meetings held by experienced Juice Plus Representatives, it offers a great opportunity for the customers to get more healthy products. When we do research for a review, my goal is simply to find out the facts about Juice Plus and bring them to you unbiased.

Login to Juice Plus Virtual Office

Source: Juice + Partner Training

Juice Plus has a website called Virtual Office that is available to associates. You use your first and last name, both in lowercase, and your password to log in. Your sponsor, the individual who joined you attempting to sell for Juice Plus, prompts Juice Plus management to send you an email with a connection to the Virtual Office.

You can change your private information, manage your own shopping, make demands for new clients, create websites to drive attention to your startup company, and establish a clear savings account in the workplace.

The following are the various tabs available on the Virtual Office website:

  • My Prospects
  • Events
  • Business Alerts
  • My Customer Alerts
  • My Team Data 
  • Personal File
  • My Customers 

These sections provide further information about your account, possible sellers (prospects), and upcoming events. When you acquire access to the Virtual Office, you’ll be offered two separate franchise sites to build up. Juice Plus and Tower Garden. Fill in your details so prospective people can reach you if they want to buy something. You’ll also select a custom domain (website address).

You get to customize the style of your customizable page and the features you want to offer your consumers. Such as videos, photographs, and purchasing options. It’s as easy as clicking a button to add product features to the sidebar and explanatory; or advertising clips to the main structure of the website.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus

Consumers can raise their own nutritious, fresh food on the Tower Garden website, which you can market. The Tower Garden is an urban or apartment-friendly vertical aeroponic producing system. It uses just water and nutrients instead of soil. Its shuttered process utilizes a tenth of the amount of water a regular garden does.

The actual budget is $543, which can be paid down over a year for $45.25 per month or in whole. “beefsteak tomato, Non-GMO basil, cherry tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, eggplant, and gourmet lettuce sprouts,” as per the website. The Tower Garden is self-contained with everything needed to grow plants, from seedlings to harvest time.

The Tower Garden is simple enough for anyone to use. Just follow these steps:

1) Fill a tray with soil or peat pellets (for hydroponic growing). Add seeds or seedlings and place them at the top of the tower.

2) Water your plants using a watering wand that attaches directly to your tap. The water flows down through perforated tubes in each tray, soaking each plant simultaneously so there isn’t any waste.

Goods by Juice Plus

New Consumers orders are straightforward to place. And you may do so by selecting one of the three choices at the top of the front page. Juice Plus, Tower Garden, or Child Health Studies are all options. A remuneration alternative or a monthly subscription plan is also available. If they choose the chewy capsules, they will be put on a 4-month payment schedule with the credit facilities. They can pay for over two months if they order the bars or shakes. Remember that the chewable or capsules are on four-month automated delivery times.

You can speed up or delay a shipment for a client. But if you don’t, the goods will ship every four months. You can choose whether you receive shakes and bars regularly or only once. When you purchase anyone, your dealer number is included in the order so that you can receive credit. If you’re ordering anything for those in your group, don’t forget to include their contact info. If anyone is a 1st-time client, it’s a good idea to save their data. So that the following order is simple and quick.

Child Health Studies by Juice Plus

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Orders for Child Health Studies (CHS) are very prevalent. You increase your supplier knowledge and choose to participate when you place a consumer order. At the conclusion, you can enter the name of the child who will receive the free goods. The commodities you desire for both the client and the kid, and their payment history. For this trial, palatable Juice Plus tablets are available. Juice Plus covers the entire family since the organization strives to instill healthy behaviors in future generations. The CHS procedure is easy to follow:

1. Register as a Juice Plus+ client and purchase Juice Plus+ capsules and/or chewable.

2. Take part: As a gift, the paying customer gets free Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend and Juice Plus+ Garden Blend for a kid in whose life they play a huge role. As a friend, colleague, supervisor, or stepparent. And who will be enrolled in the study for 4 years.

3. Analyze: After 4 to 8 months of using Juice Plus+, you will be required to complete a short investigation. This is to evaluate how Juice Plus+ has affected your and your child’s health. After every year of involvement, participants will be given a follow-up assessment.

With the different networking possibilities available in various places, the Events department can make you grow your personal company. Complete Brand, Juice Plus Concentrates, the CHS, and the Tower Garden are represented at events. When you purchase for yourself or others, you may also choose to receive company emails. It provide updates on upcoming events and other important information.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Juice Plus virtual office system is user-friendly. With tabs to control your customer information and overall residual income being made from their orders. The three purchasing options are clear: Juice Plus Products, Children’s Study, or Tower Garden. 

Changing your personal information; updating your websites; placing orders for people and staying in touch with company events are all simple processes. The Virtual Office is a crucial starting point when you become a Juice Plus associate. So you can start signing others up and selling products.

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