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Headsets, mice, keyboards, laser pointers, and many more. Everything an office needs to feel complete. Consider your computer not having speakers, a scanner, a camera, or a PC skin. These items are classified as computer accessories and peripherals. However, you should be aware that there is a distinction to be made between computer accessories and peripherals, and that a computing system will always be incomplete without two of these components. As laptops and desktops evolve to meet ever-increasing technological demands, so do the expectations for solid, dependable peripherals to get the most out of your machine. Having the correct computer accessories may improve your day-to-day routine, whether you're looking to enjoy yourself, work, or study. Check your requirements of the system and compatibility before making a purchase. Some accessories are only compatible with specific laptop or desktop models. Purchase accessories that are appropriate for your usage and requirements. If you're a gamer, a gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard, for example, will provide you complete control over your gameplay. If you use a laptop, consider purchasing attachments that will allow you to have a desktop experience while using it. Computer accessories can be classified by type such as audio or video accessories, those that are a part of hardware or software and such. Most common ones include various types of headphones and headsets, keyboards, mouse, speakers and microphones, printers, scanners, laminators, memory cards and many more. You don't have to own everything on the list but some accessories are absolutely necessary.